Saturday, November 15, 2008

R!M goes to TRF

Pictures, at last! None of me or my daughter (I'm not photogenic and she is skittish about having her picture taken in the first place). But a renaissance festival is always filled with hams ready to cut it up for the camera. Especially if you hand them a prop.

First off is Lewis, of the Other Brothers Juggling Show, seen here about to take a bite out of Raaaaahr. They are always on our "must-see" list. 

And from the other side of the festival grounds, it's Shelby of Sound and Fury. R!M is very impressed with Shelby's facial imitation, perfectly capturing R!M's permanent expression of horror and bewilderment. 

Next we have a frightening encounter with the Bilge Pumps, as "Harvey the Corpsman" goes Lewis one better, actually biting into R!M's felty arm. See, there are reasons R!M never changes expressions. When you are a six inch monster, the world is full of danger, including ravenous pirates. Oh, if you are looking for pirate music for your next Talk Like a Pirate Day party, their inaptly named Greatest Hits v. VIII is probably the best buy for your boullion. R!M wants them to sell lots of music, so they can buy food and not be so hungry for monster flesh in the future.

At last, life is looking better for R!M. From Valentine's Academy of Arts and Armour. It's a bloodthirsty show, but not for monster flesh.

Here's one of the lady supporters of the program making bosum buddies with R!M.

Even the violent Hard John Thomas takes a shine to R!M.

By this point, R!M was getting a bit worn from the handling, so took a good long nap in my bag whilst I enjoyed the melodious bagpiping of Tartanic. And some other things about Tartanic.


OneSick said...

Hey! You never said there were men in kilts with big ...drums!

I may yet become a Ren Fair believer...


yanub said...

See what you've been missing? Someone in every flavor, even.