Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing about us without us

Courtesy of Frida, I learn of We Can Do's campaign to get people with disabilities to write the Obama disability policy team to take advantage of this historic opportunity to have our voices heard and have a part in the change to come:
But we cannot afford to allow the moment to end here. Whether we supported Obama, McCain, or another candidate, we all know there is far too much work ahead before we can say, “Yes, we have made real change for people with disabilities.”

It is time for people with disabilities, our loved ones, our neighbors, and colleagues to join together, across ideological divides, to reach out to Obama. We should all send an email to Kareem Dale, Obama’s National Disability Vote Director (at, WITH COPIES TO Anne Hayes, a volunteer on the Obama Disability Policy Committee (at


Lisa Moon said...

Being Canadian, I can only watch in amazement at the feat your country has pulled off with bringing Barack Obama to the White House. Just watching the votes roll in on TV, I was shaking with excitement, with the unmistakeable feeling that I was watching an incredible part of history unfold, a time where people say "Where were you when...?"
I have such hope and optimism for the real change that can be affected now; Frida is quite right to rally the troops to make your voices heard.
Watching proudly in Canada (and wishing Mr. Obama was our president, too, as we're stuck with a Bush-lite, I'm afraid right now!).
I look forward to seeing this movement!

Andrea Shettle, MSW said...

THANK YOU for posting about the Call to Action. I hope some of your readers will send emails to Obama! And that more bloggers will follow your example by blogging the email-writing campaign.

If you decide to write your own email to Obama and make it an open letter posted at your blog, please let me know and I'd be happy to link to it. It would be good to have more sample letters to serve as inspiration for others.

yanub said...

Ooh, Andrea, that's a good idea. I'm hoping to compose a decent email sometime Sunday, but I hadn't thought to post it on my blog. I will, and I'll let you know.

Lisa, I hope your days in captivity to the right wing will be short. It's obvious that Canada needs its own political hero to provide inspiration once again.