Thursday, November 06, 2008

inflammation advantage

On the bright side, I'm the only person in the office today not freezing.


Lisa Moon said...

Ohh, hon! I appreciate your positive outlook, but being warm from inflammation does NOT sound happy. Hope that improves for you ASAP.

We've had pretty much non-stop torrential downpour since during the night and I know many who find the damp are feeling it today where I live... (doesn't seem to affect me, luckily).

Drake said...

Lol, nice one...

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I had to fly down to the coast for work related stuff...very short notice...

At any rate, thanks for the comment and the post. What you say about believing the doctor's, is so true...but then, that's what makes you realize you are in denial ;D.

OSM's comment on the phases of grieving, is also pretty spot on... Rapid cycling sometimes just confuses the issue even more ;D.

I hear you on the not freezing. They just have to cram as much seats they can into an airplane as they can, meaning I knocked my knees a couple of times trying to get my seat, so now I have a built in heater in my left knee.

Hope the inflam doesn't bug too much ;D