Thursday, November 13, 2008

Girl, with legs

For your viewing pleasure, a lovely cartoon of a young woman with prosthetic legs. And, also, a cat swishing a prosthetic tail. Click on the picture or click right here to go to the artist's site.


OneSick said...

What an odd picture! Princess Leia hair (only moreso), Edwardian garb and prosthetics that are insanely hypermobile at the knees. At least they are somewhat limited at the ankle. only flexion and extension, no lateral roll. Still, you'd need more than two canes to get about on those lads!

My sister's cat had her tail amputated. I wonder if Sally (i.e the cat -not my sister) would have liked a prosthetic? I suspect not. Sally was very vain.

yanub said...

I'm assuming the figure has EDS and decided to go with the knee function she is used to. Or maybe it's just steampunk, and we are supposed to imagine that they work despite appearances, rather like Wild, Wild West contraptions.

Lisa Moon said...

How very interesting!
I laughed to the Wild, Wild West reference; I could just see the gal with those verrrrry long, spidery legs climbing over everyone! Aaak!
Hmm, trying to imagine a kitty with a prosthetic tail. Perhaps it would depend on the kitty; they do have very different personalities. As OSM said, they can be quite vain and might not cotton to that! Hmm, that's something to think about, isn't it? When my occupational therapist suggested trying a walker as my cane wasn't 'cutting it', I was a bit taken aback; somehow a scooter or wheelchair seemed less... I don't know, noticeable? I definitely felt more comfortable with the idea of using a wheelchair over a walker. When I realized that was my initial reaction, I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I would never feel that way about someone else, yet this bit of vanity (I guess it was) popped up on me!
Don't worry, I'm over it, but it made me think reading about that. Sorry to ramble, it seems like an interesting topic to me. I'm sure some able-bodied types might well think "Oh, I could never live like *that*: but of course, one learns to live with what one has, right?
I've digressed, as usual, but thanks for posting that picture! Apparently it has me thinking in a few directions and I always love having my brain 'tickled' like that. :)