Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Butter that bacon, boy

(This salad in a bacon cup is from Not Martha)

Monday, I started the Atkins diet. I'm doing it with my daughter, Carapace, who is trying it to see if it will limit her seizures. Me, maybe I will lose weight. Or not. I'm mostly doing it as moral support. It's hard being on a diet all by oneself, and a lot easier if family participates.

I am doing it without the knowledge or blessing of my doctor, who is concerned about my cholesterol levels. Am I concerned about my cholesterol levels? No. They tend to run high in my family, yet no one seems to have any troubles until their 70s. The doctor wants me to stop eating bread and butter. As he told me what he wanted me to do, I kept pointing out that I don't eat wheat products, therefore, I have very little reason to use any sort of spreads. In an entire year, I don't quite finish off one quart of cooking oil or a pound of butter. Whatever caused my cholesterol to be too high for his satisfaction, it wasn't my diet. At least, by being on Atkins, in a couple of months, I will finally have something to give up. And I look forward to that day, because Monday's meals were tasty but way more fatty than I am used to.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, cooked in butter, one cup half decaf coffee
Snack: boiled egg
Lunch: A fatty pork chop and 2 cups of lettuce, with an olive oil dressing and cheese
Dinner: Who can eat dinner after all that fat? It took me all afternoon to eat lunch.
I have drunk a lot of water today, which I don't normally do, so I guess that's a benefit that I wasn't expecting.

I did breakdown and have a handful nuts, which I understand are a bit too carby for this stage of the diet. But I wasn't driving 30 miles home without something for my brain to burn.

Tomorrow, I'll try for more cheese and some zucchini. Doesn't that sound nice? Zucchini with cheese and proscuitto.

I'm really looking forward to more vegetables in two weeks time.

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