Sunday, June 22, 2008

My car hates me

So, yesterday, my daughter and I had big plans to go to the local ren faire and then go swimming, if our bodies were still up to that. I drove on out to her place at the end of a dirt road to fetch her. So far, so good. We got back into my car, and then I realized I need to get something out of the hatchback. So I got back out, opened the hatchback, lifted the cargo lid, and bent over to get the item. As I was bending over, the cargo lid came falling back, smacking me hard on the bridge of my nose. It was one of those blows that leave you literally unable to see anything for a moment, as all the nerves of my face reeled in shock. Somehow, though, it wasn't broken so I got back in the car, only to hear MD's horror as the blood began to bubble up through the cut I couldn't feel since my entire face had gone numb from the blow. Yes, it hurt horribly, but that didn't stop us from continuing our plans.

We went on to the faire, down another dirt road and had a pleasant time. Then we left. After a couple of minutes on the road, I heard a strange noise. Then MD piped up that she heard it too. I pulled over, and, sure enough, my brand new tire on my brand new car was completely flat. With a hole in the sidewall. Poop. Now I have to deal with getting the tire replaced through warranty, and I can't say as I want one from the same manufacturer.

Oh, and my face still hurts. The cargo lid hit me right where my glasses sit (fortunatly, I wasn't wearing them at the time) so everytime I put them on for up close work, I aggravate the injury.

Despite my car revealing its Decepticon leanings, it was still a good day. We were rescued by Sir Lancelot (MD promises to describe this) and learned from the woman whose drive I had pulled into all about an evac insurance plan that will cover emergency helicopter cost for just $50 a year. Once MD is signed up for that, I won't worry so much about her down there at the end of her dirt road.

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