Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 2

Having started the Atkins diet Monday, I wasn't sure what today would bring. I made some eggs with fiber supplement, cream, and a tablespoon of buckwheat for breakfast, and only ate half. Lunch/dinner was 3/4 of a small zucchini, 2 green onions, procuitto, and gouda cheese with mustard. Snack was the rest of the zucchini and a small piece of beef (about 2 inches square). And right now, I'm drinking a small glass of wine. I'm not positive about the wine, but I am willing to be convinced that it has effectively no carbs (really, that's what I read online. And if it's online, it must be true. If I want it to be.)

Anyway, Tuesday was much easier than Monday. I think that not eating as much overall was a help. I don't normally eat all that much, so the portions were daunting. And I ate more cheese than anything else today, and I very much like cheese.

In two weeks time, I dream I will have a large helping of kasha (buckwheat groats), many servings of vegetables, and a handful of my favorite cereal (Not all at once! That would wreck the diet. I'll just work them in during the week). My precious, precious cereal. My favorite cereal ever, for which I looked high and low for years and found the day before starting this diet. Ah, Mesa Sunrise, why aren't you on all store shelves, with your amaranth-y, flax-y goodness?

If you see this box of cereal, buy it. Oh, it is so good, even though it is pricey.

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