Thursday, July 03, 2008

Days 3 and 4, and this looks like it will be worth it

Wednesday, Carapace came to work with me and she made sure I ate just like I was supposed to. I had a piece of cheese, some proscuitto, and an onion for breakfast; beef, chicken, sour cream, lettuce and a bit of cheese and salsa for lunch; then a dinner of beef, zucchini, and mushrooms. For snack, I had chicharrones.

Today I didn't eat breakfast, what with needing to go to the store and to pay some bills before heading off to work. But lunch was roasted chicken, baby greens salad, a little cheese, and sour cream. I haven't eaten dinner yet tonight either, as it approaches midnight, though I just had a snack of chicharrones and sour cream with habanero salsa. I also had a Coke Plus today, which I had never had before. It is a diet Coke with vitamins and minerals. Other colas have been doing this for decades, but Coke just started this recently.

I split the Coke with Carapace, who was at work today, too, even though she thought she wouldn't be able to make it as she was anticipating a major brain meltdown. But it never happened! Sure, she was in pain and lost partial control of the right side of her body, but she never once went unconscious! Oh, let her tell it herself....

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