Saturday, July 05, 2008


Well, I have reached ketosis on the induction phase of Atkins. After the first couple of days, this diet got much easier. Since I don't usually eat bread, pasta, or cookies to start with, about the only thing I've given up on a regular basis is corn tortillas. So, I just have to have my tacos in lettuce leaves instead.

Lettuce-leaf tacos (wow, that's a bad picture!)

Friday, I had roast beef with lettuce greens, lettuce, a bit of bell pepper, a jalapeno, 4 strips of bacon, more chicken, flax seeds, chicharrones with habenero sour cream, cream cheese and celery, and cream. And a small glass of red wine.

I have pretty much finished off that chicken, unless I want it to be soup, so I guess I should finish off one of the pork chops. And I intend to make some freezer ice cream, partly because it seems like a good way to mix in the fiber supplement I'm taking.

Now for speculation. Usually, I have terrible burning stabbing pains that erupt in my legs, hips, and abdomen. I haven't had one this week. Is it because of this diet? Or am I just having a lucky week?

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