Thursday, October 29, 2009

very slight update

So, apparently I have a torn tendon. I don't have an appointment yet with the ortho, but it will be soon. I hope something good can be done, because my hand keeps going out of place now, too. Not that it takes much to make that happen, but still, not having it lock up on top of everything else would be nice.


FridaWrites said...

Torn tendon in your shoulder? Sorry about all of that!

yanub said...

A "partial" tear. I don't know what that really means, since today has been too busy to look anything up. So, so busy. So much writing I was supposed to be doing. And reaching, and stamping, and call handling. And my entire arm, into my hand, is in pain. I am a cranky yanub right now.

I have the appointment now, so sometime Friday, I should know more. Supposedly. I try not to get hopeful about these things, since, as OSM would point out, hope is a bitch.

FridaWrites said...

Well, a complete tear would be really really bad and take surgery to reattach the ends--they're like rubber bands. So please take care of yourself in the meantime!!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am really hoping for the best. That yes, it does repair. I had a problem with a similar tear due to wheelchair strain, and it took about 4-6 weeks before the pain was gone and it was healed. But then I am comprimised so I hope that you have a much faster healing (maybe they will put it in a sling?). Having your hand go out of place EVERY day and lock up - you make is sound annoying but I think it would be aggravating and painful - I want to apologize....but for, Mr. Life?

One Sick Mother said...

Ouch! A torn tendon is a bitch too.

So it's now Friday. Did you hear back?

I commiserate on the hands. I find that when my shoulders are loose my hands pop all over the place. It took me ages to connect the two, because my *shoulders* didn't hurt at all, but the hands were clicking in and out like crazy.

yanub said...

OSM, yeah, I have to stop every few moments and adjust my hands now, instead of just off and on through the day. It's quite the nuisance.

Beth, only 4 to 6 weeks? Maybe things will go faster than I hoped, then. I suppose it depends on what is really wrong, which seems to remain a mystery.