Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stand by Iran

Bon Jovi and Iranian singer Andy Madadian have recorded and released this cover of BB King's "Stand by Me" to show support for the people of Iran. What a wonderful way to buoy the spirits of Iranians during the current crackdown! I will now never hear this song without thinking of Iranian courage.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Beth alerts me that I have been unusually quiet, even for me. So I reckon I best give a holler before people grow concerned. I'm OK, just feeling unsociable. Which probably means I need to work on that before it gets worse. So, Beth, thanks for prodding me.

Let's see, what's been going on....Saw my parents on Father's Day. Got to meet my sister's boyfriend at last. Nice guy, but can't barbecue worth a damn. Not that I said that. Even I know better than to insult a man's barbecuing skills.

Summer has been nice so far. I've been able to get wonderful local tomatoes and squash and yard eggs from the produce stand a few blocks away. The onions are about spent, but the melons are up, and so is the okra and soon will be the beans. Oh, and there are lots of cucumbers. I wish there were greens. Maybe if I get there earlier.

Summer is also kinder to my joints than the other seasons. And I at least have the chance to go to the river and fool around in the water. I'm trying to do it once a week, because water exercise is easier on my joints. Carapace and I went to the old mill dam this past week, and think we will go there the next time, since it is fairly close (only 15 miles away) and the water is warmish and not too fast.

Another thing that has been helpful is going off Red Yeast Rice. My doctor wanted me to take it because I wouldn't take prescription statins after reading about side effects. You know, horrible muscle pain (especially in the legs) and even liver damage? Hey, turns out, Red Yeast Rice has the exact same side effects. I stopped taking it, and now I just have the usual joint pain from arthritis and instability instead of the really frightening pain I had in March and April.

Monday, June 01, 2009


Do you hate cleaning the kitchen? Do you like giant combining robots, even though--especially though--they make no logical sense? All is explained here, where Nobody Scores.