Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eventful events are eventful

As promised, a long-delayed blog post!

These past couple of weeks seem to have been conspiring against me getting online again. But I found a place that actually fixes power jacks for cheap and without a bunch of caveats, so here I am again! Yay! The little beast is working better than it has in years, so I am hopeful of maybe now having it for some years to come yet.

It's been frustrating not having the laptop since work has been so busy I haven't been able to do much more than sometimes clean out my in-box of emails that didn't absolutely need to be answered and mark everything in my RSS feed as "read". If you said something that you were really hoping I in particular would read, and I haven't responded, give me a holler. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At least, the laptop woes coincided with the weekend Carapace and I had planned to go to TRF. I have some pictures, and I will post a few later if all goes as planned. We camped, as usual. As is not usual, the weather was as close to perfect as it can get for a Texas autumn and Carapace managed to have not one single significant seizure! I, sadly, had my usual allergies keeping the entire campground awake (ha! That'll teach those guys who put their tent right up against ours!) and, despite my efforts to plan, perimenopause played the hormone roulette wheel and came up red. Still, that did not negate the very important experience I had using a pair of hiking sticks instead of just my cane, or even pair of canes. With the hiking sticks, I escaped having notable leg and hip pain for the first time in years--and that despite my period! It had gotten to be so bad previously that I wasn't even looking forward to going. So, I highly recommend getting yourself some if you are a cane-user and have started to miss out on events that require a lot of walking.

My niece is out of the woods as far as the overdose is concerned. She's facing a long stint in psyc rehab, though. She prefers that to going home, I know, since the home environment is currently unstable due primarily to financial strains. There are other issues, too, but I don't like talking out of school about other people's personal lives. The one thing I will say is that, my family is in denial about how pervasive mental illness is in our family. It isn't just one individual with a problem. Most of us are untreated, uncounseled, and our coping skills are ad hoc, to put it nicely. I really admire Glenn Close and her sister, Jessie, for their decision to speak out about mental illness in their family. I hope that it will encourage other families, including my my own, to take positive action and be more supportive of each other emotionally. (And, in case my family stumbles onto this and puts two and two together, I love you all. Just, wouldn't it be nice to stop pretending and start dealing with reality instead?)

In more horrifying news, a coworker of mine has an aunt who is likely to not emerge from the coma that her husband put her into. It is a classic case of an abuser first isolating his victim, and then escalating the abuse. I am astounded that the husband is out on bond. How can this be? Why isn't domestic abuse taken more seriously?

Oh, and finally, much less universally depressing but potentially more annoying for me personally, it looks like I have a torn rotator cuff. And that I am actually going to have to do something about it, what with not being able to use my left arm being a real nuisance, what with me being left-handed and the driver's side door being on the left in the US. I don't know if it will mean surgery and then PT, or just PT, but, either way, I have a feeling I am facing a lot of PT. And I hate PT. So, expect a lot of griping.


FridaWrites said...

A too brief comment: glad to hear you're back online and overall doing okayish, sorry to hear about the rotator cuff/PT--PT at home is okay but having to go to PT is a drag. Glad you got to go camping/to TRF--hope it wasn't too muddy with all the rain? I think they have a half price day after Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sucks about the rotator cuff, I can put up with the griping, so gripe away - though my gift of left handed softballs might not have been well timed.

As for the co-workers aunt, my GOD, how much does a person have to do to get assault? Or seriously multiple assaults for each one that led to the coma.

Sometimes, the world seems a very ugly place, it is hard to find the good.

yanub said...

Frida, we were so lucky--the weather was as close to perfect while we were there as one is ever likely to get. After years of picking the worst weekend for weather, we finally lucked out. And I brought the tent poles, which always makes for a better camping experience.

Beth, it is so awful about my co-worker's aunt. The family is deeply grieving and wounded. There is absolutely no excuse, none whatsoever.