Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy happy, joy joy

I lost a thumb splint. For two days, my poor left thumb went unsplinted, though I did wrap my hand in co-ban in a sad attempt to keep my thumb from hyperextending. Not only does wrapping one's hand in co-ban not keep a thumb with delusions of freedom from trying to make a break for it, but it is awfully inconvenient when taking care of any sanitary matters.

But today, huzzah, I found it, a bit mangled but straighten-outable. And thus my thumb is once again held captive to the rest of my hand.

So, that's today's good news. It doesn't quite counterbalance the news that my house needs leveling, but between the house needing leveling and me having lost the thumb splint, the loss of the splint was of far more immediate consequence.

In other news, I'll be at the TACIL/SILC conference Monday. I don't plan to go to the Tuesday tour of the Texas Capital, because 1. I've seen it and 2. the thought of any extra walking is enough to make me happy to be sitting.

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