Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Choice, the Right to Life, and the Texas Futile Care Law

In the Gimp Parade, Blue tells us about Little Emilio and the Texas Futile Care Law. Ah, the politics of life in a state that provides only the federally-mandated minimum of resources!

The Texas futile care provision makes for some ironic situations, that's for sure. Here we are, in a state in which a pregnant woman told her fetus has a lethal condition would face tremendous odds trying to secure an abortion, if she wanted one, and yet the state has no problem with sanctioning death for the sake of cost-control. And the Catholic-run hospital is fully on-board with the futile care law. There could be no better illustration that current abortion politics are not about the right to life, but about who gets to make the decisions regarding life. Apparently, the state of Texas and the Catholic Church think that decision should rest with (usually male) doctors and government officials. One might think that institutions that truly support the right to life would be generous in making provision for the necessities of life for those who can't get them without help. But if one lived in Texas, one would know what a silly notion that is!

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