Sunday, May 31, 2009

These aren't bears

A friend emailed me, telling me that she had seen a bear. I told her that all I had seen were some deer and domestic cats. To which she replied, "Did the cats have on little aprons?"

Um, yeah. See:


Full Tilt said...

Cute!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog tonight!

I love your sketches, too and glad you were able to get away and enjoy your trip.

As for Blogger, I too have had problems and will perhaps try another blog hosting site myself.

yanub said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with Blogger.

Thanks for the kind words about the sketches. Let's see if I can get good about doing them and putting them up.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I like the images of the cats in aprons, I recognized them in a microsecond, and like the humor of them wearing aprons since as neat nuts in grooming, I am sure they would. Just trying to type straight while sitting in front of air conditioner as my body bloated up from heat/toxins, then back to bed.

As for blogger - when it was independant, no problem, when the evil empire took it over (google) suddenly people say they can't comment and other issues. I don't like that they have next to 'template' and 'edit' an 'add ads' either - arg! But since I am rather photo heavy and computer stupid, where do I go where people of any disability can comment without needing to know how to open an account or even try to type in one of those 'this is the devils way of saying I hate people with dyslexia' long codes?

yanub said...

I see that I am not alone in my blogging frustration. Beth, that you get up so many quality pictures is amazing to me. I know you scan most of them in. I hate scanning in even one. It's so hard to get them right! And then the uploading! Head*desk, head*desk, head*desk. And then Blogger just not talking to me. But you are right that it is hard to find blog hosts that will let you have a simple site that can be rendered by any browser and will skip all the bothersome captchas if you wish. I really hate captchas. They are a nasty trick, and so many sites don't even offer a disability option as a work-around! I also hate robo-phone operators who tell me to speak the number of whatever it is into the phone. Because Mr. Robo-Phone doesn't understand Texan. I suppose there are many accents Mr. Robo-Phone doesn't understand and that a growing international movement will eventually lead to Mr. Robo-Phone being drawn and quartered. Viva la revolucion!

I'm glad you like the cats. My friend's little joke was so picturesque, I had to draw right away, and am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

FridaWrites said...


Elizabeth McClung said...

Yanub: Actually I don't scan any illustrations at all, I take photos of everything, usually three to four of each, which means I need to do it on weekend or sometime when Linda can hold the book for me, then crop, resize and the rest - scanning just destroys the book and I am not comfortable with that. I would with paintings but probably take pictures of them too, I find even with postcards, that pictures, with the right lighting, of natural light will produce a better result. But then, I do things the hard way, I guess. It does add time, for ordering the books, premarking with post it notes what to take pictures of, then taking the photos and then going through the thousands of pictures of I have taken (between 3-7 of each picture), to find the right ones for that blog. Of course, I wish I had MORE time, but I can only do an adequate job. At least Blogger lets me put up 20 pictures a post and I am still only at 36% of my data for 2 years.

However, if someone can't comment, then it frustrates me, I try to make my writing open ended and interactive, which is why I didn't switch to other systems as I found them not as good. however, I need to do HTML on ALL of my links and Google took over my bloglinks and added ads - if you don't, as a reader, click to close ads, you can't make a comment, even on blogger blogs. Google is the devil, I say!

As for those word jumbles, jeez, when did the computer world get taken over by ablist individuals, I thought this was the one place WE could be equal?

yanub said...

Beth, I got a new camera and will have to try your photo-taking approach. I reckon it will be a hit or miss operation, but botching a project never stopped me before.