Monday, May 19, 2008

Over did it

Yes, I over did it. For that, I am paying the consequences. My legs, hips, and feet are swollen and aching. My ankles are considering never speaking to me again (go ahead, ankles. You never have anything nice to say anyway). My back is sore. My wrists feel twisted and my hands are prickly. My right shoulder is trying to make a break for it. Various nerves keep pinging to let me know of their deep and abiding unhappiness. I knew this would happen. That's why I kept putting it off. But I really needed to do it, and there is still a lot left to finish.

But at least I got half a box unpacked and put properly in the closet.


Unknown said...

Are you okay? You haven't posted for a while.

yanub said...

Well, it's called "yet another never updated blog" for a reason!

Yeah, I'm actually doing very well, for an eds value of doing very well. I should be posting again soonish, and then I will likely go silent for a few weeks because I have made foolish commitments that will drain all my time and energy. Yay me!