Saturday, February 16, 2008


My neck has been squeaking all day. And thus my head has been hurting all day and my gut upset. I had hoped it would get better but it seems to be getting worse. God, I hate the noise of squeaky neck.


Elizabeth McClung said...

"God, I hate the noise of squeaky neck." - um, yeah, who doesn't. Mine makes the sound of rocks exploding in the fire but not squeaky, kind of curious, but not really. Do you get nausea? When I have localized nerve pain it seems to confuse my bod and I get nausea.

yanub said...

Yeah, sometimes I get nausea. Other times, I feel...I don't know. I suppose it's pain. It's certainly discomfort, like if I move the wrong way, my head will detach and be hanging on only by virtue of skin. Generally, my eyes will hurt and I spend an inordinate amount of time on the hardest, least comfortable seat in the house.