Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Designer Disabilities"

ABC News is jumping on the dogpile against people with disabilities having children with their same disability.

Way to misrepresent an issue, ABC News. These potential parents aren't "giving" a child a disability, they are choosing to include embryos with certain genetic expression amongst those that are implanted, or they are choosing not to abort when they discover that their fetus carries the same traits they have. Dwarfs, especially, are encouraged to undergo genetic testing to make sure the fetus is viable. When they find out that a fetus is viable, but also has dwarfism, what do you expect them to do? Cry? Abort? Why can't they be happy about it, even happier than if they were told they would have an average sized baby?

Those people who are so incensed at the idea of "designer disabilities" that they immediately assume the worst and don't bother to read the entire article need to read the article, and read it carefully to see what is really going on, not what the editorializing says is going on. People should know better than to accept what the MSM says. Mainstream media plays to prejudice and fear, and delights in creating scapegoats. Don't fall for their lies.

This is so much the return of eugenics. First, the guardians of ethnic hygiene aim for the obvious targets: the Deaf, dwarfs, people with mental illness. Then they will go after populations with greater distributions of targeted genetic traits. Remember that Buck v. Bell has never been overturned, so it definitely can happen here. After all, it has here before.

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