Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purple Day

March 26 is Purple Day. Various epilepsy societies throughout the world are asking supporters to wear purple. How does wearing purple advance epilepsy awareness? Hopefully, enough people will be wearing purple that other people will get curious and ask what all the purple is about.

What it is about is that 50 million people throughout the world have epilepsy, yet there is very little funding available figure out the many root causes of epilepsy and how to manage the conditions. Even worse, few people know what to do if someone has a seizure, and many people are very fearful of those who have epilepsy. Check out Purple Day to find out more about the origins and goals of this awareness day, and the Epilepsy Foundation for more information about living with epilepsy.


Lisa Moon said...

Hey, I hadn't heard that! Thanks for sharing, Yanub! Also, I rather like the idea of seeing how much purple I can wear at once... let's see, I've got purple cords, a sweater... and socks, I think! LOL.
Seriously, there was just the Wear Pink to Stand Up To Bullying day - and it's true: if enough people do it, there IS awareness generated. And epilepsy is NOT a rare disease so awareness really is badly lacking.

yanub said...

Did you participate? I wore my purple silk suit (which sort of goes with my orthopedic athletic shoes, since they have purple stripes on them). I was happy to see other people wearing purple Thursday, especially since my daughter was having a particularly seizure-y day at home. So when I saw others wearing purple, I asked if it was because of Purple Day, and I told them about Carapace, and they were extra glad they had decided to wear purple, whether they had done so on purpose to support epilepsy awareness or just because they like the color, because it's great to know when one is really helping get out an important.

Lisa Moon said...

Aw, GEE! I am SUCH a dork and forgot... funny enough, maybe a sliver of my brain remembered; I believe I was wearing a purple(ish) shirt that day!

Gah, I've gotta start writing these things down in my calendar... :s