Sunday, March 15, 2009

Catching up

First off, go check out Charming BB's really great Disability Blog Carnival. Go on. I'll wait. But be sure to come back here. And be sure to leave me a link to your favorite post this month, because I host right here next month. It will mark my first time ever as a blog carnival host. I don't have a theme I expect others to fit themselves into. I'll see what comes up from the submissions I get. Help me out here, and send me your best stuff!

Second off. Er. Um. To continue. Er, no, to switch topics. Yes, that's it. I went to Staple in Austin last weekend, and got a copy of Usagi Yojimbo, Book 1, "The Ronin," signed and with a little sketch by Stan Sakai. Oh, so cool! And many other neat people also were there, such as Rod Espinosa and Chris Allen, who have both done historically oriented comics for Antarctic Press. I bought a signed copy of Allen's Obama, the only Obama commemorative item I have spent money on. I also bought The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, which is a self-published book by E.K. Weaver. And I got a very nice sketch of Amal tossed in for the price! And also, I bought Phuni Comix, which is more of "Science and Religion", which I bought last year and enjoyed. It's probably a niche taste, but I find the silliness appealing.

And lastly, my right wrist separated Thursday night. Oh, it's fine-ish now, but I'd like to know, why is it that I can never find my bandages and splints when I need them? What compels me to put them away? Why aren't they laying out on my dresser along with my old teddy bear, single earrings, and crumpled receipts? I swear, I go through this every single time. Where can I put them that they won't be in the way when I don't need them, but also won't be impossible to find when some part of me has decided to storm off in a hail of bitter recriminations and tears? What do you do about things like this? Where do you put your repair kit stuff that it can be fetched with whatever limb you have working at the moment?


Elizabeth McClung said...

This is sort of like why does the form/piece of paper you need end up at the bottom of a pile you moved when you 'cleaned up'. I don't suppose hanging them from the ceiling in a hammock so you could reach them with one arm would be useful, then you can't avoid seeing them?

If it makes you feel better, I can't find either of my two eye patches and I have vision problems in my left eye every night - the solution so far has been to just feel nausea (I know, it is easy to get disabled AND lazy about being disabled).

Evil Transport Lady said...

You have to have a basket for that stuff.......we do, one of those dollar store plastic ones, keeps all the "important" stuff together;)

yanub said...

Beth, that actually does make me feel better. I always feel so stupid for having put away my stuff where I can't get it out or even remember it.

And to the rescue is ETL. That's a completely reasonable solution. I even have the big basket, sitting on my dresser. It's just filled with Other Stuff. So my task today is to remove the other stuff, finding homes for it all, and fill it instead with bandages and slings and splints.

Lisa Moon said...

I wish the stuff I have right now would fit into a nice wicker basket. Right now, it looks like the Red Cross is using my home as a storage unit.
Currently I have my scooter, walker, bath bench and cane. Plus, I borrowed a manual wheelchair for my weekend trip (it folds into a car trunk) and a different bath bench as my new home doesn't suit the style of the one I JUST got before moving... then, I purchased a new cane which folds up (handy!)... that doesn't count the grab bars in the bathroom, the 'sheet tent' which keeps my feet from spasming under the weight of even one sheet on my foot... I feel like a medical supply store these days!
Oh, and I have a new hand-held shower about to be installed. Yay, but WOW.
I think I need another storage unit, not just a nice basket!

yanub said...

Lisa, at least with big stuff, you know where it is! I've been working on getting my sundries into the basket (it's a huge thing!) and finding that it would help matters if I didn't tend to pull things off when they become annoying and drop them into crevices. Oh. That reminds me that I need to look behind the bed, too, because I tend to remove elastics during the night if they've rolled up on me and not pay attention to where they go afterward.

I use a folding cane. I love my folding cane so much, though every once in a while, I mislay it. Which initiates a panic, because I can't find a replacement with the same style grip. The more recent ones all seem to have less substantial, less pleasant grips.

Dark Angel said...

Here's my Disability blog carnival submition:

Ettina said...

I hope the next blog carnival will have an actual topic, I find it really hard to deal with these topicless ones. As an autistic person, I really need some kind of cue to help me write.

yanub said...

Ettina, I just now posted with a topic for the carnival, since if you would like one I'm sure others would too.