Saturday, October 25, 2008

A new book to find and read

Well, begin reading, anyway. All around me are books that I have begun, yet not finished. Is it my fault I forget where I have put them and then have to start over?

At any rate, author Gary Presley has asked me to spread the word, so I am doing so. From his email request:

Seven Wheelchairs: A Life beyond Polio was recently released by The University of Iowa Press.

The memoir is a history -- an American tale -- of my fifty year wheelchair journey after being struck by both bulbar and lumbar poliomyelitis after a vaccine accident in 1959. The Press says Seven Wheelchairs gives "readers the unromantic truth about life in a wheelchair, he escapes stereotypes about people with disabilities and moves toward a place where every individual is irreplaceable."

Other reviewers have called Seven Wheelchairs "sardonic and blunt," "a compelling account," and "powerful and poetic."

I hope you can mention Seven Wheelchairs on your blog. We all live different disability stories, I know, but perhaps if you find the memoir worthwhile, you might want to recommend the book to others who are curious about what polio or disability in general.

Of course, the book is also available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gary Presley
SEVEN WHEELCHAIRS: A Life beyond Polio
Fall 2008 University of Iowa Press

Looks intriguing. Carapace, want to get me another book to attempt to finish?

Everyone else, got any ideas for helping me get all the way through something before misplacing it and starting something else? I've read more halves of books than anyone I know.


Drake said...

I know the feeling...however, I don't forget where I put things...rather like I forget I am just human.

I constantly start projects...get half way and then restart it because I feel it's just not "good" enough. This cycle always keeps repeating it self untill it eventually ends up not being done at all. I'm a bit obsessive in that regard. It's like a compulsion to do things "perfect".

I haven't heard of Gary Presley, but it's impressive if an author asks you to spread the word about his book. You have definately peaked my interest into his work.

Sorry I didn't comment on your previous blog...wanted to but I am blogging from my cell phone when at home and believe me, there is nothing more frustrating. I know exactly what you mean. I have a diagnosis of "Palinopsia"...which is just another one of those "Shrug your shoulders, don't know what it is" kinda dx's. It's apparantly a mixture between migraine's and seizures which they know very little about. I used to have a pair of special sun-glasses for night time driving, but that got busted in a car wreck...along with my medic-alert bracelet. *Cringe*...I still have to get that sorted.

I don't get "classical" migraines, I only get visual-disturbances every so often, how ever, the palinopsia has been becoming increasingly problematic. I hate driving at night too though...can't see a darned thing past the lights.

yanub said...

I'm glad you managed to comment, even if it isn't exactly on the post you wanted to comment on. Now you got to share with me your problems at finishing things, even if for different reasons.

I hadn't known the word "palinopsia" before. Do you have the after images always, or usually before a neurological episode? I'm not sure if by "visual-disturbances" you were including the palinopsia or referring to other visual distortions.

Were your night driving glass those yellow tinted ones? I had a pair of those, and accidently ran over them. I need to get me another pair. Also, I need to stop dropping my glasses on the ground, but that would require improvements in propioception that I doubt will be coming along this late in the game.

Drake said...

Thanks and thanks for understanding... I think you summed up what I was really feeling and that the depressive mood is just wreaking havoc with my emotions.

I have had the after images from since I could remember...only, they were on and off. As of late, they are relentlessly persistent. I am on anti-epileptic medication for it and it seems that in that regard, they are at least understanding it somewhat as the medication does help (I do get spikes like this morning though).

When I spoke of the "visual-disturbances", I was actually referring to "Migraine Halo's". You most likely have experienced that. A little squigly line appearing in your field of vision, with caleidescope like affect of colors running it's length and even though it's at the top corner of your sight, you can't see anything. I usually tend to get headaches from the irretation rather than from the migraine it self ;D

Yep, my glasses was the yellow tinted ones. And don't feel bad about the proprioception deal...I am pretty sure that it was the cause for my stumble down the stairs. They say it's not uncommon for MFS patients to have proprioception problems due to their ungainly limbs...wish they could have told me that during my clumsy school years...sheesh.

Jerry Waxler said...

I'm about half way through Seven Wheelchairs and love it. Not only will I mention it on my blog. I'm writing a whole essay about it. Thanks for the reminder. Yes, it's on the pile with dozens of other memoirs I'm working through. But it's on the top of my pile, and getting things done, for me at least has a lot to do with where it sits on the pile.

Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network