Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It figures

So, today they closed down my street to do road work. Meaning that I can't park near my place. And, of course, this morning, my left ankle went out on me. The ankle has since been joined by a metatarsal. Now, this may not sound like much to you, but if it doesn't, it's only because you aren't the one trying to walk with a foot that feels like a large shard of glass has taken up residence in it. Parking on the next street over is hellish. I am not happy about having to cross through dark yards from the next street over to get to my street. No consideration for accessibility was made at all. This doesn't have to be done this way. Half a street at a time could be done. The way it is being done is just stupid.


Donimo said...

Jeeez, I hope they get the road work done quickly. Is it a big project? They do work that way here in Vancouver as well. Sometimes, they will put a sheet of plywood down to act as a curb ramp, but that isn't really sufficient. They definitely could do roadwork in a way that is more conscious of access. I feel for you in the foot dept. because my left foot/ankle are perpetually on fire with a torn ligament, a neuroma, plantar fasciaitis and general shooting pains. A close parking spot is vital. Feet are vital. How I envy the walking well! I'll have my fingers crossed that the road work doesn't go on for long.

OneSick said...

If you ever got to ask the Person In Charge why they didn't do it logically, you would get an answer like

"we didnt' think of it"
(my favorite)
"Budgetary considerations"

It's the bland insouciance that gets me. I'm sure your ankle is happy to take one for the team. NOT.


yanub said...

Donimo and OSM, it's good to get backing from the limpy section. The work is being done by the development owner rather than the city, though I don't understand the relationship. The city handles the street lights but apparently not the roads. I suppose a deal was made on the taxes, because otherwise, it doesn't make sense. I think if the city was doing it, they'd have only done one side of the street at a time, but I wouldn't swear to it. The roads are supposed to be open Friday. This is the second time in two months they have been shut down. This time was because the first go around of road sealing didn't take. And guess what? I can tell that this go-round ain't working either. If the asphalt has cracks in it, sealant isn't going to solve the problem.

Carapace thinks my ankle is out of place just enough to strain my tendons. I hope I can relax it enough that it slips back on its own. The ankle bandage is beginning to blister my skin already, even through my sock. And the longer it stays out, the more inclined the rest of the foot and leg are to get in on the act. And then the other leg will be all jealous of the attention. You know, this is probably all the neck's fault. All that squeaking and creaking last week was some sort of code signalling the rest of the body to stage a surprise uprising.

FridaWrites said...

My husband's had that with a metatarsal. A specific cushion from the podiatrist helped a lot.

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am very sorry this happened, and I do not understand why notification or accomodation isn't made, it really isn't that hard. Like if there had been notification then communication could have been made to say, "Hey, I need access for disability reasons" and then THEY figure it out. So yeah, I am upset because this has happened to me too, and why should YOU be in pain so they don't have to move a few things, to allow you a space. ARG!

yanub said...

Frida, I've got orthotics with metatarsal support. It's time to get new ones. This does stimulate me to stop putting it off.

Beth, the first time they closed down the street, I asked what I was supposed to do. They said I could drive through the yards of vacant lots (they are unfenced) into my yard. Oh, that works so well at night after the neighborhood kids have scattered their bikes, skateboards and other assorted toys everywhere. Not to mention the excitement of the water and gas hook-ups barely sticking out of the grass. So, no real alternative at all.