Monday, October 20, 2008

Better living through cheap accessories

I bought a $25 folding table with adjustable legs a few weeks ago, thinking I would use it as Thanksgiving loomed. Then I thought, oh, why not use it now? Why not use it to do some sewing since it will be several more weeks to months before I actually get the designated sewing room cleaned up enough to do any sewing there.

And so I used it Sunday, and it was great. With the legs as short as they will go, the table is perfect to sit at while in my favorite comfy chair, and gives me lot of space for what I'm working on. And it's very sturdy. I wish I had got a table like this before. But I have one now! And that's what matters. Yay! Mending got done! Real projects now stand a chance of being completed! Excitement!

And I really like sewing in the front room. So I might just keep doing that, and just organize the spare room for optimal storage. That would be a good thing, too.


Evil Transport Lady said...

That sounds great! I usualy end up sewing at the kitchen table, which is very uncomfortable!

yanub said...

Walgreens, ELT. Git yer table and rejoice!