Thursday, September 11, 2008


In case anyone is waiting to decide who to vote for until I officially announce my support:


Check out Obama's disability issues platform!  

And if you are in Texas, vote for Noriega for Senator.  We can do without Big Bad John, who has chiefly contributed to the state image through his hilarious comedy video and concerns for box turtles.


Donimo said...

EW! Big John made "lesser states squirm"... who is this guy and the ego he rode in on?

I hope Obama can make changes in the US and can help strengthen the ADA again (and move it further along). I'm a Canadian and have watched a fair mount of the ads etc. (and a lot of stuff on The Daily Show). I sometimes wonder if people have their hopes set too high with this guy. Better than the alternative, that's for sure.

yanub said...

I think people are just so eager for a change that their enthusiasm for that change turns into enthusiasm for Obama. I too hope that people be realistic underneath it all and remember that real change happens when everyday people organize in communities for change. And I guess Obama is a pretty good choice for encouraging that, come to think of it.