Saturday, June 21, 2008


This has been a hard week on my pissy joints. We're shorthanded at work, so I put in some extra time during what turned out to be a very busy week. It isn't so much that I hurt. It's the feeling while walking or standing that I am about to collapse. MD was getting after me for not using my cane, but, seriously, my hands and arms are also about played out this week, too. Everything is a bit tingly all over, and achy all under.

But the weekend is here! I can take my time at my own pace! I will do laundry, and hem up another pair of pants or two, and maybe do something fun. And pay some bills and do some prep work for my summer class. Oh, and buy groceries. That's very important, what with there being nothing left in the fridge. I try to fix enough food on weekends that on weeknights, getting dinner consists of dishing out leftovers. But I didn't do that last weekend, and I have paid the price by mostly not eating when I got home.

Oh, and I have managed to teach the boss how to reduce my shoulders for me. I can't do it myself because I have too much scar tissue built up in my left shoulder; ironically, I'm not flexible enough to do it myself. Usually, it's just my right shoulder slipping out of place, but this week has been so hectic that my left has also been trying to make a break for it. If it wasn't for having a laptop and the ability to lean back with strategic placement of pillows keeping my shoulders in place, I couldn't be typing right now. Anyway, the boss reduced my right shoulder twice for me today. She's getting quite skilled at it, and is no longer squicked out when she hears the joint snap back into place.

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