Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shall I call it pain?

It's creeping up on 1 am, and I don't know if I will be able to sleep or not. I was having waves of (?)pain(?) flow through me. I've taken half a Darvocet in the hopes that my body will now leave me alone enough to let me sleep. I know, half a Darvocet doesn't sound like anything, but indulge me my stubborn insistance that maybe this time, I can get away with it.

I put question marks around the word "pain" because I'm not sure if pain is the right word. It's a terrible feeling--cramps, nausea, sundering.... I was actually moaning in protest, "No, no, no." But while so uncomfortable that I found myself trying to move away from myself, I'm still not sure that pain is the right word.

I'm supposed to be keeping a sleep diary for a couple of months, to see if there is any connection with the migraines, and also because I get sleep attacks. I've never been able to sleep really well, and for the first time, I am wondering if I get these paroxysms while I'm sleeping and if that isn't what wakes me up over and over again.


Elizabeth McClung said...

How wierd, I had a similar experience last night too, but with heart throbbing and nausea - linda gave me a pain pill, but I wish I could figure out where the waves of nausea come from - I hope you do to - Do you take a pain killer at night - and do you wake up after four hours? (when it runs out?)

yanub said...

Yes! Why is four hours the magic number? Sleep for four, awake for two, maybe sleep for another four.

I take pain killer at night sometimes. I don't have pain every day, or even the nausea, but I do often enought that I have to treat it or else I would be so worn out that I would indeed be in bad shape every day.

Most days are like this one. Bad sleep, and the excitement of my some joint not sticking in place properly. Yesterday and today, my shoulders keep slipping, which makes my hands numb. Fun!