Friday, March 07, 2008

Have I mentioned I hate migraines?

Sunday, I developed a migraine to go along with the shredding feeling in my joints. As a front moved in during the night, I lay awake hoping the weather would get worse, faster, instead of hanging on and on and on.

And so I got up Monday feeling as bad as I went to bed on Sunday. And then Monday was the worst, busiest, most hellish workday in quite some time. Afterward, I couldn't even drive home for three hours.

Surely Tuesday would be better, right? Well, at least work was better. And the migraine had moved into my abdomen, clenching my head only every few minutes instead of constantly. And my joints were doing better.

Wednesday, I finally saw the doctor to get something for the migraine. There is no way that medication is worth $240. If I hadn't already been sick to my stomach, seeing that pre-insurance portion of the bill would have made me nauseous all on its own. As it was, I had to pay $70 for something that didn't do a darn thing for the abdominal migraine--unless you count the ability of a med to be vomited to be something worth paying for. Work went OK, in between the puking. Oh, and Doc? I appreciate your assumption that I would stay home and rest and take care of myself, but if I was to do that every time I felt pain or nausea, I'd need to go on disability. And how would my rent get paid that way? Not very well, thank you.

My migraine finally mostly broke Thursday. Yay! Did that expensive medicine do it, or the fact that the freaking front finally finished moving in? I suspect the front.
Edited to add:

My friend Dr. Kindberg says that most migraine medication taken after a migraine has already started in earnest will take 24 hours to work. So maybe it was the Zomig working that broke the migraine. I've used it earlier on since, and have managed to ward off any lengthy pain, despite having spent the past month in the throes of moving house, which has disrupted all my routine. Still, that's damnably expensive stuff.

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