Friday, March 14, 2008

R!M knows just how I feel

Girl, Dislocated asks me what Raaaahr! Monster is.

R!M is a felt soft sculpture (that's "doll for grown ups") who understands just how I feel.

I fell in love the moment my eyes met R!M's. You know how, as an adult, you stifle how you feel and just tough it out through your frustrations and pains? Maybe you don't. Until I got R!M, I hadn't realized how distant I was from my feelings. R!M is small enough to travel in my purse and very light, so I'm not weighed down (I can't carry extra weight easily; it hurts my shoulders). And R!M made going to the museum much more fun. I don't think I'd have been able to ignore my swelling knees and fainting feeling half as well without R!M to distract me by posing for pictures. I can't take pix of MD because, the silly girl, camera flashes in her face trigger her seizures.

I know MD has some larger monsters, that I think she is asking $20-$30+postage for, depending on how complex they are. I will ask her if she still has some purse-sized ones, which are simpler and smaller. I think she may also have some mermaids left from her last round of soft sculpturing.

I have to say, it's great for me to have a monster who can help express fierce emotions. R!M reflects my feelings, and is also handy for a cuddle. I mean, I do have a bear, but she's long-since retired from being my emotional proxy and in much worse shape than I am, the poor dear. She's currently hanging on a wall, striking fear into the hearts of kith and kin. My sister says she looks like she's been crucified. But really, Theodora is just keeping an eye (she's only got one) on things. She's happy to leave blogging and trekking all over the place and getting shoved out of bed and stuck between cushions to R!M.


Girl, Dislocated said...

That is so neat!!! And R!M is so darn cute!(In a fierce way, of course)

yanub said...

Indeed, Girl. I was lucky to make it out of the museum with R!M. Apparently little red monsters are as irresistable to little girls as they are to women. R!M is stuffed full of cute.