Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, then.

I have been very, very boring of late. Perhaps I have fallen off the face of the earth? But, no, terra firma is still firm, even if I do not stand firmly upon it.

You who care will be gratified to know that I am doing well physically. Yes, my joints are still crap, but that isn't likely to change unless the blue fairy gets off her ass and starts granting some wishes. My mental gears have been grinding something fierce, but I think I may be pushing past that now. We shall see. I've been in a state of high distractability the past several months, so I have quite the pile of things I either need to do or want to do but can't remember to finish or can't sustain the drive to finish or whatever it is that one need in order to see things through. On the plus side, I have a lot of projects started!

For one, I have finally begun cleaning out the room that is supposed to be the sewing room and has been cluttered with unpacked crap since I moved to this house. I actually have the sewing desk cleared off and the sewing machine set up. I actually mended something, and have to mend two more things tomorrow.

For another, I am trying to learn Japanese. This is mostly an outgrowth of my latest amusement, which is to go to a Japanese website and run it through Google translate. The resulting hilarity has finally provoked my curiousity enough that I have to know...why in the world would what is obviously "born in" (as in, "born October 5,1982) get translated "made of malt"? I have to know! So I have to learn.

I'm still sketching, though I need to be more regular about it. I am pretty pleased with my progress, even if the constancy of my practice leaves much to be desired. Oh, well. If I was going to let lack of follow through stop me from doing things, I'd never do anything. It would be the same success rate, but with no fun.

Oh, yes! Something I did at last accomplish! Listen up, y'all. I have been having this idea in my head that I could make my lap board actually work well as a laptop board if I just finagled with it. After staring at the limited selection of hardware in our local Mart of Evil, I finally saw what I need. Exactly what I needed! See, going back and forth between two aisles of useless crap and staring sadly at the stock does work! OK, this is what I bought: a roll of two-way sticky foam tape and a package of one foot long square dowels of varied sizes. I went home and put two strips of two-way tape one on top of the other toward the front of my lap desk. Then I got out the largest of the dowels, that just about is the width of the tape, and put tape down its length. Then I stuck it further back on the desk, using my laptop as a guide so it would be about an inch from the back of the laptop. This has been great! My padded lapdesk now can have my laptop on it without the laptop overheating, and I have a nice cushioned lapdesk to keep the no longer so hot laptop off my lap. And I like the angle much better, too! This is better and cheaper than anything I have seen for sale purporting to be a laptop desk. So, if you have a lap desk you like that you couldn't really use with your laptop, now you know what to do!


Lisa Moon said...

Glad to read you, Yanub! I hear you with the decluttering; I moved into my 'new' place 7.5 months ago... there are still pockets of things to sort through, a couple of extra boxes to deal with... a few things in the hallway by the bedrooms which my son has cleared out and we *think* are for donation to a charity thrift store. Ahem.

But I've come along! Have been hanging art and other things which go on my walls, decoratively speaking, so that's good! It's hard when energy (yours, mine) is a consideration, as is pain level. So it's coming along...

Congrats on the sewing machine! That's a handy thing to have set up for use. :)

And learning Japanese?! Wow! That's ambitious and cool, too. My son wanted to take intro Japanese in school (he and his friends are into anime and the culture which goes along with that) but I had concerns that the actual practice of it would be far less glamourous than he was imaginging!

AND sketching?! You have been keeping busy! Whenever the mood strikes sounds like a good time to me!

Liked reading about your lapdesk MacGyvering! I love customizing things to get them to work for me and your mods sound great! Hope it's still working well for you.

yanub said...

The laptop-lapdesk is still working great! I am so inspired, I might actually make a pocket on my dashboard window shade for my handicapped placard--an idea I've had for quite sometime now and vow to carry through every time the blasted placard gets knocked off by the freaking window shade and goes sailing behind my stupic seat and wedges underneath some consarn bit of crap. Hey, I know just how to make this, now. Next week comes the wrangling of found materials and then the confabulating! Victory will be mine!

Yes, I am very busy. See how busy you too can be when you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing and want to do everything else instead? This is me giving up. When I try to do what I am supposed to do, I don't get that done, either, and end up just being sad and listless. So now I at least get done things that I am not supposed to prioritize. Someone will come along soon and hit me with a reality stick, but it will be as ineffective as the previous bajillion times. If I just keep frittering away, I end up getting somethings done that I am supposed to, purely by accident, which is a better hit ratio than when I actually try.

Your son should indeed work on learning Japanese. Even if he doesn't succeed, he pleases himself with something interesting to do. If he finds it boring after a while, he still found it interesting for a while. And it isn't like it's a puppy. Japanese won't pee on the floor because he's neglecting it.