Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Best Chance

Via Media dis&dat, here's a Dallas Morning News article explaining the problem with the two year waiting period for Medicare for people approved for Social Security Disability. I assume most of y'all that pop by here need no explanation as to why that rule is one of the stupidest regulations on the books, but go on and read it so that you can point it out to non-Americans who want to take a moment to feel superior as well as Americans who live under rocks.

The current push to establish a national health care plan may not come to much at all, but it is also the best chance in years to make needed reforms to Medicare rules. Even my beloved backward state of Texas supports ending the two-year rule (though I don't trust our two Senators to ever do the right thing, even when the state legislature has passed a resolution). So, if you haven't made your voice heard on the health care debate, at least pick up the phone or shoot an email to your Congress Critters telling them to make sure to end the 2-year rule on Medicare.

One point that isn't made clear by the article is the cost of not granting health insurance to people who have already been found too disabled to work full-time. A lot of people on disability could, theoretically at least, work part-time and would like to work. But while they are untreated, they can't work. Pain, seizures, lack of mobility equipment and so forth robs them of two years of productive capability. During that two years, skills rust, licenses become obsolete, and health declines to the point that the possibility of re-entering the workforce becomes evermore remote.


FridaWrites said...

I'm one of those people writhing in pain. And, right, what does an increasingly disabled person do with no wheelchair? No medical care? Cancer forces them to stop work--and then they can't get medical care.

Peter Singer doesn't seem to understand that healthcare is already rationed and denied to people with disabilities.

yanub said...

I think you are right that Singer doesn't actually understand, or care.

Are you qualified for Medicare yet, Frida? Isn't it ridiculous that there should be any lag at all? What if, instead of paying into COBRA, people could opt to pay into Medicare? Wouldn't that be great?