Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Truly wonderful!

I read in Media Dis & Dat today of a new park being built in San Antonio, TX. Morgan's Wonderland, named in honor of his daughter, will be what is probably the first-in-the-world public park with dedicated primary use for visitors with disabilities.  Philanthropist/developer Gordon Hartman has even managed to bring the city, county, and local school district in on the project, and is making sure to keep records of the process so that others will be able to duplicate his efforts. Non-disabled children and adults will also be using the facilities, but at this park, disability is not an after-thought or add-on. How neat! 


FridaWrites said...

I read the article--sounds great for parents with disabilities too, in terms of access with their kids.

What a great guy (Hartman).

Lisa Moon said...

Wow, what a concept! I mean, is there anything that's EVER been done like this?! Very cool!

Queen Slug said...

Oooh, how cool! We have a regular sized park that it similar. It was just built last year & was designed from the ground up to be a park for disabled & non-disabled. They brought in physical & occupational therapists to help design it.