Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just another boring week

I know, I know. You are wondering what I've been doing all week. Well, it's just been so exciting.

Monday: Fell down in front of people at work.

Tuesday: Fell down in front of people at work.

Wednesday: Avoided falling down. Started wheezing.

Thursday: Cedar (mountain juniper) season began in earnest. I took an Allegra at noon. My nose kept running. I took Sudafed. My nose kept running. Except for when it was sneezing. I work with the public, mind you. I called the doctor's office to beg an appointment. How about Monday? Ha! I'd be lucky to last so long. OK, squeeze in for Friday morning? Perfect.

I get home at 9:30 PM, my nose still running. I took Claritin. Yes, I know I'm not supposed to layer antihistimines, but I do, because antihistimines are easy to get but steroids always require a prescription.

Friday: I'm so tired, between the allergies and antihistimines that I can hardly stand. I get to the doctor's. I wasn't trying to go for the death warmed over look, but I suppose the chest rattle makes it convincing. Steroids! Fresh new inhaler and sinus spray, ridiculously expensive but I no longer have to contemplate telling my supervisor that I will be taking sick leave during our most hectic time of the semester.

Saturday: Now it's just the regular pain of my left leg feeling like it is rotting and my hands being stood on by elephants. And the falling in public.










C.P.? They have got to be kidding. She was so disabled by C.P. that she could not walk, but she somehow managed to build a scare crow in the corn field and make regular visits to talk to it? That's one unusually accessible corn field. And how's she fitting back into her braces? Last I knew, metal doesn't have particularly elastic qualities. I know, I'm just nitpicking on an issue that most viewers won't catch at all, but still, sheesh.

It does look like Daphne's belief that Arthur Petrelli had given her her powers was just a lie he had told her to control her. Maybe she and her dad are both particularly gullible, and she never had C.P. but rather one of hundreds of other possible mobility conditions that her lazy-ass small town doctor couldn't be bothered to read up on. OK, that's my fanwank, and I'm sticking to it.


One Sick Mother said...

Falling in public: Bad.

I have never figured out how to make it look like it didn't hurt and didn't matter when it did both.

Glad you got that allergy thing sorted out. That sounds like a whole bunch of unfun you didn't need on top of the unfun you already have.

yanub said...

Thing is, when I fall, it doesn't hurt. I mean, if I fall because I've dislocated something, that hurts. But the usual falling that comes because I'm as well put together as a house of cards? That's just annoying. I took aikido for years, and if there was one thing I got out of it, aside from deeper damage to my joints, it's how to fall without injury. Or added injury, as the case may be.

What I hate most about falling is immediately having to reassure everyone that I'm OK. After a while, I start to wonder myself if I'm OK. Someone says "you are falling a lot more often now." Am I? Have I gotten so used to my downward travels that I don't even notice anymore? And for all the falling I do, you'd think my doctors would be a bit more concerned instead of obsessing on my mildly elevated blood pressure or whether I've had routine test X in the past year. While I so far haven't hurt myself falling, I'm not young anymore. Why aren't doctors as interested in me not falling as I am?

The allergies are altogether more awful. They've ruined more of my days, weeks, and months than any other aspect of my health. I'd rather fall down once an hour than not be able to breathe. It's quite hard to muster the energy to drag myself around when I sound like an air mattress with a leak.

Drake said...

heh...yep, know the feeling. I seem to trip a lot these days and no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out how I do it so I can avoid doing it again.

Sound affects most definately helps to bring the message home when seeing a doctor. Gives them inspiration to not just stuff a script in your hand saying "This guy is getting on my nerves...just knock him out for a couple of hours and get him off my back".

Hope you feel a bit better.

Lisa Moon said...

I find myself living with a certain level of fear of eventually falling in public. Sure, I've bailed at home - usually in my bedroom because it seemed to take me an awfully long time to remember that NO, I cannot hop into my pants while standing anymore and should sit on my bed while dressing! (lucky I'm slow on laundering and had a pile waiting the washer handy; pillowy landing!).

I'm not sure which is the greater: fear of hurting myself more or hurting my sorry little ego by taking a face-plant or pratt-fall in view of passers-by.

Hmm, I know someone who was taking Aikido; perhaps I should ask her if she could show me a few pointers on how to fall...

Hope you're feeling much better. Blasted mountain juniper!