Thursday, December 11, 2008


Damn. It's cold. I know, I know. It gets cold every winter. But every winter, I take the dip in temperature as a personal affront. People, it sleeted on me on the way home last night. I had to stand outside in the sleet and hail when I got home, covering the plants as best I could, hoping that they don't all just shrivel up and die.  Poor, poor plants. I'm a bad plant mommy.

And, apparently, my cover is completely blown. I blame the norther. Its howling winds and freezing temperatures, combined with Hell Week at work, seem to have left me actually looking as bad as I feel. OK, maybe it was the cervical collar. Or the knee brace. Or me having to take a lie-down on the back office floor because back went out. Or the ashen look on my face ams I fought down nausea and headache most of the evening. Maybe the boss is right and I am falling more often.

If only I could get someone to reduce my left shoulder before my left hand gets anymore numb. But, sad. I'd usually ask my housemate but he's actually sick right now, and I'm completely what passes for healthy in my gene pool. And in many ways, I feel better tonight than I have in several days. I don't know if this is because the front is actually here now instead of coming in, or if I'm feeling some low-grade giddiness antecedant to headache. I guess I'll find out soon enough.


FridaWrites said...

Oh, hope you're feeing better soon. Maybe find some Pierce Brosnan movies? :) It is cold!

Lisa Moon said...

I agree with the incoming fronts being worse than when the weather is actually arrived.

Where I live, winters generally consist of wet, and for brief periods we might get a dusting of snow. A couple of months ago, however, I exlclaimed in pain that we were GOING to get snow this year. My friend said he had heard this was true.

Sure enough, we're about to drop to minus temperatures, unusually cold for this area, and there is a snowfall warning - and one for wind - currently in effect.

I felt it last week as it crept in, that cold pain in the bones...

Hope things straighten out a bit for you soon.

Donimo said...

I think we all wither a bit in the cold. Sorry you've had such a rotten time of it at work lately. Sounds like a long, hard day.

I hope you feel even a little bit better now that the front has arrived. I'm not so in touch that I notice if things are worse when a weather system is moving in or not... I only know I do best in Hawaii!!!

Take care.

yanub said...

Thanks, y'all. December is harsh, with the weather seesawing back and forth and all the stress of the season. Frida, Pierce Brosnan movies might be a good idea but I personally prefer Alan Rickman.

May winter's gales leave you all unscathed!