Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Got my Oval 8 finger splints today! I got a pack of size 8s and a pack of size 9s. The 8s fit my index and middle fingers pip joints great. The 9s fit my daughter's. How great! I think I will look into buying a smaller size for the dip joints, to correct the deviation which is returning. They're not so attractive as the silver ring splints, but I think they won't fall off so easily, nor do they seem likely to deform through daily use. So, yay!


Anonymous said...

I have EDS, and i was wondering how you go about getting these splints, i could really use some.
Katie Hunkele

yanub said...

Hi, Katie.

You can get the Oval 8s without a prescription. I buy mine through Sammons-Preston. You have to figure out the sizing for yourself, which you can do either by doing some web research or by buying the sizing kit.

If you want the Silver Ring splints, you need to go through your doctor, who will refer you to a hand therapist, who can do the sizing and ordering. They are much more complicated to fit right, which is why they have to be done via referral and prescription.