Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'll never dig out from under

Is there a rescue service for the hopelessly cluttered? Right now, every room in my house is a mess filled with things that I have no particular place for. Part of the problem is that I am in the midst of changing the designation of two rooms. The office is now a bedroom and the bedroom is turning into a studio and there is no office but there are still bookcases and files and a printer that have to go somewhere. A person who had that mysterious something something called stamina would finish such an undertaking in one weekend, but this is going to take me at least 2 more weekends to finish, what with needing to recruit man-in-a-can and fit everything into my busy whirlwind lifestyle. Then there's the problem that, even if everything was moved already, it isn't like I keep up with household chores. I go to work. I come home. I sit in the recliner and fall asleep. For financial reasons, it would be good if I had full-time employment. But I really have doubts that I could manage one for more than a few months before having a complete health breakdown. But then, if I had full-time employment, with all the benefits and income that would bring, maybe I could hire some help.

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andrea said...

Clutter is not automatically an evil thing!

Enjoyed your Rudolph post -- spot on!