Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I ain't dead

It's the little things that keep me from blogging. Specifically, of late, my left pinkie finger. I keep forgetting that it has decided it isn't stable anymore, and thus I keep slamming it against the keyboard as if I could actually type with it. I'm going to have to do one of two things: Either I remember to type like my daughter, who has never had use of her pinkies, or I actually remember to schedule a visit to the hand therapist and get the pinkies splinted up. Me remembering either one doesn't seem to be happening. You'd think the pain and annoyance would be enough reminder.

Note to anyone else who is in the process of getting finger splints: When they ask you which joints you want splinted, even though you would like to hold the cost down, go ahead and get your pinkies done even if they don't seem to be much of a problem. Otherwise, you'll be like me, grumbling "ow!" every few keys and then just closing down the program to go do something that doesn't threaten to dislocate your poor neglected pinky.

Other than pinky abuse, I've been having a pretty good time of things these past few days. I did take health leave for a few hours Monday last week. Thanks to the combination of EDS and the menstrual cycle, I was a collapsing mess all day. Menfolk, you have no idea what it is to have a monthly dose of cartilage dissolving hormones loosening up your already loose bones. By mid-afternoon, my muscles were spasming from the effort of holding myself upright. When the boss suggested everyone taking a "meeting" at a lakeside cafe, the first thought that popped into my head was dread at trying to sit up in a bistro chair.  That's when I knew I really needed to just go home. Ah, home, where my recliner is and gravity isn't trying to coax my head off my neck.

I am actually trying to get another post written, but finishing it will have to wait until I'm up to bashing my pinkie some more. 


Evil Transport Lady said...

Isn't being a female wonderfull! And have EDS....:( Pinkies are like sore big toes, you always end up banging them:( Let us know what finger splints are like, my kid may need them up the road:(

Lisa Moon said...

Ugh, how unfair is the hormonal thing?! I was recently asked if my neurological disorder varied/worsened nearer my cycle; I hadn't thought of tracking that, but it's an interesting thing to look into. If there is a spike or something pre-menstrually, for example, would supplementary hormones help?
Fascinating. And I heartily agree that men have little understanding what it's like to be at the mercies of these oft-ruthless hormonal fluctuations we weather, like it or not... you know, it always makes me wonder if there wouldn't be monthly health-dates available to take leave from work to deal with the unpleasantries that cramps and such can bring (TMI alert: as a teen, my first day of my cycle not only brought cramps which hurt my belly, thighs and bottom, but also, uh, cramped my intestines, too. Not something to look forward to for the next 30 or 40 years as a teen!).
What will the splints look like? Are they a whole-finger thing, or the ring-type? Pardon my ignorance, but humour my interest, if you would. :)

Wishing you far less pain, ASAP.

FridaWrites said...

Oh my goodness, bistro chairs are the worst. Was it a La Madeleine's, was it, was it? That's one advantage to using my scooter--even when I don't have to go long distances, I can't tolerate seating like that.

One Sick Mother said...

Well, always good to hear you're not dead ;)

I am sorry about the pinkie. I think those small joints when they start to misbehave are almost more troublesome than the big ones. The pain is so *sharp* in the little joints. And because they are little, you forget. And ...AND you use them for *everything*.

I hope it gets resoluted soon.

yanub said...

Thanks for the nods of understanding, ladies. Sometimes, you just want to tear someone a new one. And it's usually some guy putting his foot right into it.

And the chairs situation--ugh! So many places have seating one is supposed to perch daintily upon. I rank uncomfortable seating right there with lots of steps, heavy doors, noise and visual clutter as signs my money will be better spent elsewhere.

Lisa and ETL, I'm putting up a post about the splints, but I also already have blogged about finger splints before, if you are just way curious.