Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Canada

Can we borrow some of your judges?

I ask because I read this article in the Globe and Mail, which discusses why the Ontario Court of Appeal found in favor of Kevin Keays against Honda.

A couple of years after Kevin Keays's grim struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome began to play havoc with his work attendance at an Ontario Honda Canada plant, co-workers took to mocking his constant absenteeism with cruel cartoons and resentful ridicule.

With workplace morale in a tailspin and their patience spent, Honda managers decided the situation was at the point of no return. They fired Mr. Keays, spawning a bitter court battle that resulted in a record-setting damage award for him - granted by a judge who blasted the company for an "outrageous" campaign of intimidation against Mr. Keays.

The case is to be heard on appeal by the Canadian Supreme Court. Best of luck, Canada!

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