Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Update on Pedro Guzman

You may remember Pedro Guzman, the Californian picked up on charges of criminal trespass and deported under the assumption that he is an illegal alien. Turned out that he is, in fact, a native-born citizen, and a man with a learning difficulty which, according to his family, makes it hard for him to provide correct answers to questions. Anyway, Guzman had simply been dumped across the border, unable to speak Spanish in any fluent way and completely unfamiliar with the culture and area. His one cryptic call to his family was that he didn't know where he was. The US government to this day denies that it did anything wrong in deporting a US citizen with mental difficulties.

OK, the update? His family found him and they're bringing him home. Guzman family, congratulations on your success in finding your lost son. May all families looking for their lost loved ones be as fortunate.

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