Friday, March 09, 2007


Over at Gimp Parade, Kay shared with us a comment from last spring from AJ. AJ is not only piously concerned that Kay is bumming down his/her religious high, but has also added to the English language.


Quadra--meaning 4

Pologic--meaning "of a study," like in anthropologic or sociologic

Thus, "quadrapoligic" must mean the study of 4 or perhaps study through the application of 4, and is a specific branch of numerology.

Thanks, AJ! My Word Power hasn't been so increased since I last came across an ancient Reader's Digest.

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Anonymous said...

A young man of 20 years of age was shot several times in last year as is now a quadrapoligic and suffers daily of nerve and muscle pain on his legs. USC county hospital considers him a frequent flyer becuase of the many x's be calls 911 to pick him and deliver him to the emergency ward for sever leg pain. They say he comes in just for the pain meds because of his addiction to them. Regardless of the severity of his intake of pain drugs (hopefully he doesn't overdose), the hospital should provide some type of planned program and hospitalization for his pain; and addiction? I'm calling several doctor's and instituents on his behalf but many say they don't work with Medical.
Any free advise on doctors' who work with young ex-gangmembers now sadly disabled because of their previous lifestyles. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thaks. Louis Estrada.