Friday, October 27, 2006

blogger beta bites

I have used Opera for, jeez, seems like it must be going on 10 years now. In the past few years, this upstart browser, Firefox, has come along. It's OK, but it ain't Opera. Opera is great. I don't have to find and download some fool extension to do what I want to do. I download the newest version of Opera, arrange the toolbar like I want it, and presto! I can resize, view without images, rewind something I viewed 32 links ago in one click, open up links in real tabs every single time without ever accidently opening up a new goddamn window--yes, Opera does everything I want, while Firefox only imitates everything I want.

That said, it isn't Firefox that pisses me off, just like Jesus doesn't piss me off. It's the fan club. It's the blasted determination that everyone will think and act and love and worship your own personal savior. And Google seems to have elected itself pope of the Firefox religion.

Though I started my blog using Opera, I can no longer access Blogger using Opera. I am right now using IE. I only use IE when I have to access badly designed sites. No, Blogger, I am not going to download and use Firefox. It acts enough like Opera that it just pisses me off when it doesn't perform as well. And I am not going to have 3 browsers loaded just because the fan clubs of 2 of them are run by evangelists.

So, I'll see if I can migrate this blog back to regular old fashioned Blogger, or publish it somewhere else all together. I know it isn't like anyone actually reads this blog, but on the off chance that some frustrated fellow Opera user stumbles across this, hey, I want them to know that they aren't alone. And that Blogger Beta does indeed bite.

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